Crime Prevention

Sgt. Bert Reaves

First Sgt. Bert Reaves

Deputy TK Nowell

Sgt. TK Nowell

This division’s primary responsibility is to organize community watch programs in neighborhoods throughout the county. These community watch programs are an excellent way for citizens to become involved in the prevention of criminal activities in their neighborhoods and assists law enforcement by providing information for investigations.

A second duty of the division is to perform informational lectures at schools to students and faculty about drugs, violence, weapons and crime in general. This is not the DARE program which focuses on 5th grade students, it is oriented towards older children and young adults. These lectures are also conducted at churches and other venues as well upon request.

Another important function of the division is to instruct all of the banks in the county proper safety measures and issue alarm codes.

The ultimate goal of the crime prevention division is to educate citizens about current laws and techniques to deter and prevent criminal activities. We provide information on personal safety as well as vehicle, home, business and financial security. We can be contacted at 910-253-2745 or 910-253-2708 if you request information or wish to start a community watch program in your neighborhood and help law enforcement keep Brunswick County safe.

Crime Prevention Tips
NC Department of Crime Control & Public Safety
NC Governor’s Crime Commission
North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
North Carolina Sex Offender and Public Protection Registry
North Carolina Department of Correction
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