Policies & Procedures

***Fingerprinting Procedures:

Applicant fingerprints are done Monday-Friday from 8:30-5. No appointment is necessary. Applicants will need to bring Driver’s License with correct current address or proof of ID if driver’s license is not available. Please call Erica Brown or Mallary Long at 910-253-2881 if you need additional information.

You will need to have the name and address of the agency/business you are being fingerprinted for and the reason for being fingerprinted (Insurance adjuster, foster care, long-term health care, day care provider, etc.)

Phone Call Procedures

Inmates can use the phones in the cell block(s) to make “collect” calls. Someone will need to set up an account for the inmate with Securus Technologies.

The inmate may also purchase Phone cards through the commissary for ten dollars. Calls are limited to fifteen minutes and three way calling is prohibited. Inmates are prohibited from using an inmate telephone to contact any Detention Center staff member.

All phones will be turned on at 8:00 a.m. and turned off at 9:00 p.m. All inmate telephones will be turned off during meals, shift change, and any other time deemed necessary by administration.

Visitation Policy

    • Each inmate will be allowed to list up to five people on their “five person” visitation sheet. This must be completed before he/she can have visitation. This list can be updated on the first day of each month.
    • The night before an inmate has a visit he/she must list the visit on the visitation schedule sheet that is made available in the blocks each night before 10:00.
    • Onsite Visitation hours are as follows, with ONLY ONE VISIT PER WEEK allowed (Monday starts a new week).

Sunday – Saturday:
9am – 11am
1pm – 4pm
6pm – 9pm

  • Internet video visitation is unlimited and available seven days a week through Eyconix.
  • If an inmate attempts to obtain more than one visit per week the following week’s visitation will be lost.
  • Inmates can lose their visitation privileges for inappropriate behavior and failure to follow rules of the Brunswick County Detention Center
  • Visitors Must:

– Be on time and bring Photo ID.
– If more than one person is coming they should all arrive at the same time.
– No one under 18 can visit without a parent or guardian.

Care Packages

Care packages can only be brought to an inmate within the first 14 days of confinement.  Individuals on writ from another county cannot receive care packages nor have money placed on their cash accounts.

After the first care package is exhausted due to use, inmates will order the listed items below ( except  paperback bibles and novels ) from canteen. Inmates that are indigent may have someone drop off another care package containing three white (wireless) bras, three white socks, two white  thermal tops, and three white boxers/ briefs after the original items are exhausted due to use. Inmates will be required to turn in the exhausted under garments to receive the new. Any excess of the items aforementioned will be confiscated, considered contraband and not be returned to the inmate.

Inmate Search

Go to the Inmate Search page  and you can search for anyone incarcerated in the Brunswick County Detention Center, find out charges and bond information.

Inmate Property

Inmates may possess the following items:

County-issued property: Authorized medication, one plastic property container (except weekenders), one mattress, one blanket, two sheets, one bath towel, one washcloth, one inmate uniform, one set of footwear.

Personal items: 3 pairs of white underwear/white bra (no underwire), 3 pairs of white socks, 15 envelopes and 15 sheets of writing paper, 1 paperback book, 1 paperback Bible, 1 puzzle book, inmate handbook and 1 deck of cards. Your family will be allowed to bring these listed items to you. You are allowed this 1 package only. After this you must purchase any items you need off canteen that is provided to you.

Inmate Mail

Send Inmate Mail to:

Brunswick County Detention Center
Inmate Name
P.O. Box 9
Bolivia, NC 28422

Mail will be searched.

Inmate Account

Family and friends of inmates housed at the Brunswick County Detention Center are able to deposit funds into inmate commissary accounts utilizing the McDaniels Supply Online service, through Western Union, or through a kiosk located in the lobby of the Detention Center. The kiosks will accept Cash, Credit Cards, and Debit cards. Deposits will immediately be available in the Inmate’s account, barring no delays during holidays or weekends.

Bonding Procedures

There are 3 ways to bond an inmate:

  1. Hire a Bail Bondsman. Their fee is 15% of the bond amount.
  2. Post a bond in cash.
  3. Post a property bond.  When posting a property bond, any amount greater than $4,999.00 requires hiring an attorney to prepare a Deed of Trust.

To inquire about the bond stipulations of an inmate incarcerated at the Brunswick County Detention Center, please call 910-253-2760 or conduct an Inmate Search here.

For complete information, please download and refer to the BCSO Inmate Handbook (rev. 1/26/15).