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A citizen volunteer in law enforcement is a member of the community who provides support services to an agency without monetary benefit. Services typically include community outreach, telephone work, research, and other administrative tasks. All volunteer applicants must complete the BCSO Citizens Academy prior to volunteer work. Volunteers are subject to background checks and may be wait-listed for openings on the volunteer calendar.

During calendar year 2014, over 200 volunteers contributed 29,118 hours of service at a value to Brunswick County taxpayers of $535,082.00, representing a 9.8% increase over the previous year. Of these, 62 individuals exceeded 100 hours each with the range from 102 hours to 1,033 hours.

Citizens of almost any age and background can volunteer to help out. Citizens who volunteer to help law enforcement gain in many ways. They will:

  • Help make their communities, their cities, and their county safer from crime.
  • Gain insights into the law enforcement system and how it works.
  • Have an opportunity to improve the quality of their local law enforcement service.

What might volunteers be called to do?

  • Participate in Neighborhood Watch
  • Assisting with special events
  • Participate in search-and-rescue activities
  • Participating in role-plays and training scenarios

Volunteer Services Program-Citizens Academy Info

For more on the Volunteer Program please call the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office.

Contact Person:

First Sgt. Bert Reaves (910) 253-2745
Sergeant T.K. Nowell (910) 253-2708