The following are ten of the most frequently asked questions to Sheriff John Ingram. The questions and answers have been put together for your Information and use.

1. How do I get a Pistol Permit to purchase a handgun?
To purchase a handgun in NC you must have a Permit issued by the Sheriff’s Office. You must be 21 years of age; a resident of Brunswick county (proof by your current drivers license); be of good character and reputation; not a drug user; have had no DWI, CCW or DV convictions; and no felony convictions. There is a ten to thirty day mandatory waiting period. You may apply for the PERMIT at any time. The Sheriff’s Office is open 24 hrs a day. Cost of each PERMIT is $5 and you may receive two per application. You must pickup the PERMIT in person and by appointment only.

2. How do I get a Concealed Weapons Permit?
This is a PERMIT to actually carry concealed on your person, a handgun. The qualifications are similar to the Pistol Permit, but you also must complete a NC approved firearms safety course. This is an 8 hour handgun safety course which involves classroom and the actual firing of a gun. The Sheriff’s Office provides a list of the firearms instructors located throughout the county. The application process requires you to be fingerprinted. Once you complete the application the entire process can take up to 90 days. The SBI issues the Permits. The application fee is $90 and is good for five years. Note: all fees are set by the legislature. If you hold a current valid NC Concealed Weapon Permit, you may use it to purchase a handgun and you will not be required to have a separate permit to purchase.

3. Do I have to register my guns?
No. NC law does not require you to register any gun you may own. If you have purchased the gun from a licensed gun dealer, it was automatically registered in your name at the time the gun was purchased.

4. How do I evict someone from my rental property?
If you have had much experience being a landlord you probably already know the process. But if you are new to this, it can be a little complicated. If you are renting a property (house, apartment, building) to someone and they fail to pay their rent, you must first give them written notice of the delinquent payment and a ten day notice to vacate the property. Note: If they have a year to year written lease you must give them a 30 day notice to vacate. If the tenants fail to vacate during the noted time period, you must go to the Clerk of Superior Court and apply for a summons to evict them. This paper will be served on the tenants and a court date will be set before a Magistrate. On that court date the Magistrate will hear the case make a ruling. If the Magistrate rules in your favor, the tenants will have ten days to appeal. After the ten days you must again go to the Clerk of Superior Court to apply for the actual eviction by the Sheriff and this date will be set up within seven days. On eviction day, you will have the option to move the defendant and their property out of your building or padlock the property, both at your expense; in which case the defendant will have the opportunity to coordinate a time and date with you to return and remove the property. As you see this is a time consuming process that can take several weeks and will cost you court fees for each paper you have issued. This is why all landlords should get at least one month rent in advance.

5. How do I get off jury duty?
The notices of Jury service are mailed from the Sheriff’s Office, but all correspondence must go through the Clerk of Superior Court. To qualify to serve on a jury you must meet these basic elements. 1) Be a resident of Brunswick County. 2) Be at least 18 years old, but you will be excused if you are 72 or older (the legislature recently changed that from 65) and not have served on a jury (State or Federal) in the past two years. There is a telephone number on the Jury Summons to contact the Clerk of Court’s Office if you are not qualified or if you have a medical reason that may prevent you from serving. The Judge has the discretion to excuse or re-schedule your jury service to another time if it creates undue hardship on you or your family. Remember, Jury Duty is an important part of the justice System and you have a constitutional duty to serve.

6. How much does a report cost from the Sheriff’s Office?
We do not charge the public for a copy of a report.

7. Does the sheriff’s office do fingerprints for job applicants?
Yes. You can be printed at the Detention Center of the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office. Some employers provide fingerprint cards for the applicants to use. In this case you may come to the Sheriff’s office and we will assist you in the processing at no cost.

Any citizen needing applicant fingerprints will be done Monday-Friday 8:30am – 5pm. They will need to contact Erica Smith at 253-2982 or elsmith31@gmail.com prior to coming to the jail. This is to ensure they have all the proper information in the event someone cannot make it here during normal business hours, they will need to make an appointment by contacting Erica Smith at 253-2982 or elsmith31@gmail.com so we can notify the Sergeant on Duty.

Applicants will need to bring Driver’s License or proof of ID if Driver’s License is not available. They will need to have the name and address of the agency/business they are being fingerprinted for and the reason for being fingerprinted (Insurance adjuster, foster care, long-term health care, day care provider, etc.)

8. Can I get a copy of my driving record or criminal history from the Sheriff’s Office?
No. We can get this information for our use but we are not allowed to print this information and give it to you or the general public. However, you can get a copy of your criminal record from the Clerk of Superior Court. You can get a copy of your driving record from the NC Department of Motor Vehicles in Raleigh. You can call DMV at 919-861-3015 to ask about this process.

9. If my drivers license, tag or inspection sticker expires, do I have 15 day “grace period” To get them renewed?
For the driver’s license and inspection sticker, when expired they are expired and you are driving illegally. When your tag expires at the end of the month you do have until the 15th of the following month to get a new sticker for your tag. Check your registration card for the date.

10. Who does the Sheriff answer to?
The Sheriff is an elected official and reports only to the citizens of Brunswick County.

Note: Some of the answers are summaries and other issues may apply. Always feel free to ask if you have any questions.