Investigative Services

Investigative Services consists of the Criminal Investigative Division and the Vice Narcotics Unit. Working closely with federal, state, and other local agencies within our jurisdiction, the investigators comprising the Investigative Services Division strive diligently to promote safe and law abiding communities throughout our county where citizens can live their lives in comfort and with piece of mind.

The Criminal Investigative Division is commanded by Capt. Laurie Watson.  This Division also consists of two Detective Sergeants, a Crime Scene/Evidence Investigator, eleven Investigators, and a Financial Crimes Investigator. The Criminal Investigative Division is also assisted by the Brunswick County Task Force, which is comprised of various law enforcement officers in local municipalities. The primary function of this division is to investigate crimes that occur throughout Brunswick County. The Vice Narcotics Unit is commanded by Captain Roger Harrington, assisted by Lieutenant Steve Lanier, as well as eight full-time drug agents. The primary mission of the Vice Narcotics Unit is to investigate and detect narcotic violations, illegal alcohol sales, and gambling throughout Brunswick County.