Detention Center Administration

Detention Administrator
Jane Evans

Assistant Detention Administrator
Kim Layne

The Detention Administrator is directly accountable to the Sheriff or his designee for implementation of all of the Sheriff’s orders and direction concerning the operation of the division.

  • Oversee the day to day, efficient operation of the Brunswick County Detention Center in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations. This includes housing, feeding,  clothing, medical care, recreation, and safety of the inmates.
  • Supervise a staff of 50-60 employees.
  • Responsible for the oversight of inmates.
  • Assist with the preparation and administration of a budget for Detention operations.
  • Prepare and recommend policies and procedures to assure that a high level of security is maintained in order to protect inmates, jail personnel and the  public.
  • Conduct physical inspections of the jail as needed, in order to maintain security of cell blocks, including assuring that locks, windows, doors, etc. are in  proper working order.
  • Communicate with the Detention Operations Captain, Chief Deputy, Sheriff, departmental personnel, inmates and the public to provide information and establish good relations with the public.
The Assistant to the Detention Administrator assists the Detention Administrator with day to day duties, including supervision of inmates and detention personnel.Oversee personnel and daily operations which include:

  • Inmate bookings and releases
  • Inmate court schedules and modifications received from court
  • Inmate transfers to other facilities and Department of Corrections
  • Inmate protection and well-being
  • Personnel inquires and complaints
  • Inmate general inquiries
  • Public general inquiries and complaints

The Assistant to the Detention Center Administrator assures proper policy and procedures are used in accordance to the Detention Center rules and regulations in order to protect the inmates, personnel and the public. The Detention Center Administrator over Operations reports direct to the Detention Administrator.

Lieutenant Ronald Gore

  • Booking & Releasing
  • Works all stations
  • Run local warrants, DCI and nationwide checks
  • Give Detention Center tours
  • Assists fingerprinting
  • Assists Captains in their duties
  • Answers questions of the public
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